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Reasons to Have Your Pool Winterized

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Now that the winter season is yet to come, it is time for a consultation with a reputable company that offers quality pool cleaning service Jacksonville about performing a winterization service for your swimming pool at your backyard. In terms of seasonal pool maintenance, one of the most essential steps include winterizing your pool and hiring skilled pool contractors to do so that your newly installed pool will be protected from the adverse impacts of cold and freezing winter temperature. Here are the reasons why should do this winter season.  

Guarantee pool safety 

A pool can cause safety risks, especially to your pets or children when it is not maintained properly in the winter season. Once your pool contractors have your pool winterized, they usually put a safety cover on top of its entire surface. This cover will help to avoid accidental falls and slips while making sure that your kids and pets are safe around your pool every freezing season.  

Avoid freezing 

Once the wintertime takes place, the outdoor temperature immediately decreases well under freezing. Once you let your pool water to freeze over, you can possibly cause extreme destruction to your pool deck and liner. If you want to prevent your pool from being frozen, you need to request your pool contractor to have your pool water drained out before the winter season begins. Eliminating the water from your pool is one of the best ways to secure and protect it from damage all throughout the freezing winter season.  

Prevent pump damage  

Apart from draining out all of your water pool, your pool service provider needs to disconnect your pool pump because this can possibly break or crack when it’s still connected to the filtration of your system, particularly in the winter months. Because pool pumps can simply be connected and disconnected, you can easily hook up your pump back to your pool as soon as the season for swim swimming rolls out.  

What happens if you choose not to winterize and close your pool? 

Though it is always highly recommended to close your pool properly every winter season, there are still property owners who refuse to have their pools closed and just let it open in the winter season.  

If you prefer it this way, you need to seriously think about installing freeze sensors on the pumps of your pool. This can help guarantee that the pump switches on and starts to circulate water when/if temperatures start to decrease below freezing. This equipment is greatly beneficial since the circulating water can’t freeze. 

However, you need to remember that when you choose not to close your pool during the winter season, then expect that you’ll be required to deal with all the cleaning tasks and swimming pool maintenance all throughout the winter season to guarantee that your pool looks great and still functioning well once the spring arrives.   

The best choice 

Rather than trying to deal with the tasks all by yourself or neglecting winterization, the best wisest choice would contact a pool maintenance expert today to deal with your pool and prepare it for the upcoming winter. 

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