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How to Prevent Roof Damage Through Roof Cleaning

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It might be surprising to hear that your roof needs cleaning as well, but yes it does indeed. As much as other things, appliances or even your car needs cleaning, your roof does too. There are many kinds of things that can grow on your roof including algae like lichen or moss and more that can cause damage to your roof, thus setting a schedule for roof cleaning is a vital way in keeping your roof durable.  

If you notice that your roof shingles have black streaks in them, this may be algae build up. This type of algae flourish in temperatures that are high and can really have bad effects on your roof. It is a type of plant that survives through feeding off moisture. When your roof is affected with this kind of problem, it can have a difficulty when it comes to reflecting heat and can be a reason that your roof shingles starts to rot. If you think this is not a serious problem just consider 10 year off of your roof lifespan if this happens.  


Another type of algae is lichen. This type of algae has roots that are like tentacles and can penetrate deeply into materials rocks, trees and the roof you have. This can cause your roof to break because it breaks down granules from asphalt and leaves stains and crater like damage on your roof.  



Roof moss like algae also feeds off damp area or moisture. It survives in areas that are shaded. This also dominates your roof through its roots making its way through the spaces between the shingles on your roof and while it keeps the dampness of your roof, it thrives in the environment more causing you more of this plant’s growth.  


Now that you are more acquainted to possible growth in your roof and how much damage they can cause your roof, it is high time you call an expert to clean up your roof. Cleaning your roof is recommended to be done at least annually. It is very important that the moment you see any growths on your roof, you call for an expert’s help right away. Sometimes we might be very relaxed at the thought that we don’t see any growth in our roofs, however sometimes these growths can be invisible to an amateur’s eyes. Therefore, roof inspection is a must if you want your roof investment to be if use for a longer period.  


Take note that when you are trying to look for any growths on your roof, it is very important to keep your safety in mind. If ever there is growth and you have not noticed it, your roof might be slippery enough to cause you an injury. One way to keep yourself safe is calling a professional and to let them do what they are good at. If you are in need of an expert today who can help you clean your roof or inspect it, roof repair services Lancaster can provide you the help you need. This won’t be a wasted investment because your roof’s lifespan is on the line and of course your safety as well. If you want to book an appointment with them, check on their website for more details! 

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